Synthetic Turf by Pavers Made Possible
A Cost Effective Alternative to Natural Grass

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Did you know? We also do synthetic turf here at Pavers Made Possible; it is a great alternative to natural grass. When you install synthetic turf, you eliminate the need for regular watering, mowing and chemical treatments that natural lawns require. If you have pets, this is also a great option to use to eliminate the damage that is often done by dogs, cats and other household pets that use the lawn. Synthetic turf is also safe for kids and feels comparable to grass. The other upside is the year round green that your grass will have. In areas where water shortages are common, this is a great environmentally friendly alternative as well as cost effective. When you install synthetic grass, you eliminate those pricey water bills.

Have you ever dreamed of having your own mini golf course right in your backyard? Synthetic turf eliminates the constant upkeep of natural grass and lets you focus on playing your favorite game and practicing your swing. Here at Pavers Made Possible, our designers will help you put together your dream putting green. Enjoy your yard without the maintenance. You can spend more time enjoying the outdoors and less time maintaining them.

Some of the benefits to installing synthetic turf are:

Ease of installation: There is no lengthy wait for grass to grow or sod to fill in.
Easy to maintain: Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf is easy to maintain. There are no mowing, clipping, watering or chemical treatments needed.
Cost effective: Synthetic turf does not require watering. This will save you hundreds in utility costs.